Profit First Business Strategy & Training

     Our certified Profit Engineers will provide guidance and support to help your business achieve optimum performance and profits in a variety of ways. We will begin with a complete company review, and provide a thorough plan targeting ways to maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and correct specific problem areas and weaknesses. Next, we will provide customized professional development and training courses, in addition to establishing team building exercises, for management and staff to help them focus on the most important aspects of your business and their positions, while creating a positive working relationship with each other. We will work closely with you to identify your ideal target market and provide a detailed marketing and public relations plan to help boost sales. With this investment, you will also be introduced to the Profit First business strategy, an innovative concept that utilizes human behavior and guarantees profits. After this initial 3-4 month effort, continued support is available to address future challenges that arise, helping to ensure success and increased profits for your company.

Annual Revenue
Initial Investment
Continued Monthly Support
Up to $50,000
$100 per month
$51K - $250K
$300 per month
$251K - $500K
$750 per month*
$501K - $1M
$1300 per month*
$1M +

.                                                                                        *Discounts available when combined with the

                                                                                                  Platinum Bookkeeping Investment.

Business Coaching

$250 Start-up month, $125 per month after first month

  • Initial template design with 30 minutes consultation
  • Initial target market database for postal mail outs
  • Digitally formatted file for monthly email distribution
  • Industry and market relevant content
  • Email distribution to your established customer database

Monthly Newsletter

Price based on posting occurrence. See chart below.

       Social media presence is crucial in today's business world. Stay connected with clients and potential customers through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn with continuous and reliable content marketing relevant to your specific industry. Look like a true professional while staying in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Posts Per Month
Cost Per Month
5-10 posts
11-25 posts


26-50 posts
51-100 posts
$250 (best deal)

Social Media Management

$5 per follow up

       Once a job is complete, we will call or email your client to obtain feedback on their overall satisfaction and input on ways to improve your service or product. Satisfied customers will receive an email request to leave an online review. The majority of potential customers look for positive online reviews before choosing a company to work with. Some studies also show that positive reviews outweigh cost of the product or services the customer is looking to purchase. Following up with customers are vital to today's business success.

Follow Up & Online Review Requests

$25 per day

  • Answer calls during your normal business hours
  • Schedule quotes and service appointments

Answering Services

Profit Engineering Services

     This package is currently being updated to provide you and your company with the most up to date information and services. Check back soon or call for more details.