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Helping small businesses reach their highest financial potential.

Bookkeeping Services, Notary Public, Business Consulting, Training

Bookkeeping Services

We provide customized online bookkeeping and financial services by nationally certified bookkeepers to help your business flourish financially.

Notary Services

We provide mobile and after-hours notary services across Bay County and surrounding areas in Florida.

Our business solutions help clients avoid costly business mistakes, while planning for their financial future. Combine our years of experience and knowledge with your vision and goals to secure your future.

Why Choose USA Books & Business

We believe in constant education and the development of continuous innovations to help your business prosper. Each of our staff members must complete a minimum of 40 hours continuing education per year to ensure you get the most current and valuable expertise. Only highly educated, experienced, and motivated candidates are invited to join our team and must complete a thorough training and certification progress before becoming a USA Books & Business Account Specialist. Receive beyond the "9 to 5" service from a team of highly qualified individuals who truly care about your success and trust. We strive to provide superior customer service that goes beyond your expectations.

Professional Development Courses 

Increase your knowledge and personal value by attending one of our professional development courses or workshops.

Business Start Up Services

Do you have a great idea or talent, but are feeling overwhelmed by the tedious start up process? Or are you just too busy getting your business together to worry with the boring legal parts? We can help! We offer basic packages for quick start ups, or more advanced packages to help establish all aspects of your business.